ALGS Split 1 Playoffs Match Day 2 Recap

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The culmination of the group stages in the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs has left fans on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the nail-biting battles that await in the bracket stage. Day 2 of the competition saw teams from across the globe clash in intense matches, each vying for supremacy and a chance to advance further in the tournament.

Match #4 – Groups B vs C

Set 1 kicked off the day with TSM finding themselves in the spotlight, albeit for a slow start due to heavy contesting on Storm Point. Despite the initial setbacks, TSM managed to rally and concluded the set with an average point score of 34, contributing significantly to their overall standing. Furia emerged as a formidable force, showcasing their dominance with a staggering 18-kill win in game #3, amassing a solid 56 points. Meanwhile, Aurora demonstrated their consistency in both 3v3 engagements and placement, securing 56 points with 26 kills, further solidifying their presence in the competition.

Match #5 – Groups B vs D

Set 2 witnessed fierce competition as teams like DarkZero, Not Moist, DSG, and Alliance battled it out for supremacy. DSG encountered early hurdles, struggling in the first two games and facing further challenges as the series progressed. In a strategic move during game 3 on World’s Edge, Alliance targeted DSG at Thermal Station, effectively eliminating their chances of qualifying for the winner’s bracket. This strategic maneuver underscored the importance of map control and positioning in high-stakes tournaments. Amidst the intense rivalry, SSG delivered an impressive performance, amassing 51 points with 30 kills, securing their position in the winner’s bracket, and setting the stage for thrilling matchups ahead.

Match #6 – Groups A vs C

Set 3 marked the final series of the group stages, with teams on the brink of the top 20 leaderboard fighting tooth and nail for their spot in the tournament. North American teams showcased their dominance, with E8 delivering standout performances in the first three games, clinching victories on World’s Edge. However, it was DarkZero who stole the show with a dominant display of skill, securing three consecutive wins on Storm Point with an impressive 60 kills, showcasing their unwavering determination. Meanwhile, fan-favorite LG faced challenges, struggling to secure team fights and accumulating only 37 points, relegating them to the loser’s bracket for the upcoming matches on Saturday.

Overall Leaderboards

As the dust settles on the group stages, anticipation mounts for the bracket stage, promising even more adrenaline-fueled action and suspense. Teams such as DarkZero, Not Moist, TSM, and Alliance will battle it out in the winner’s bracket, determined to secure their spot in the Grand Finals on Sunday. Conversely, teams like DSG, LG, Riddle, and Oxygen will face an uphill battle in the loser’s bracket, where every match could potentially be their last chance to stay in the competition.

With the stage set for an exhilarating showdown, fans can expect nothing short of thrilling matchups, unexpected twists, and intense rivalries as the journey to crown the champions of the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs unfolds.

Stay tuned for more excitement and drama as the competition heats up in the days to come.


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