ALGS Split 1 Playoffs Match Day 3 Recap – Elimination Round

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The Day 3 conclusion of the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs was certainly a rollercoaster of emotions for fans and teams alike. This is how things shook out and who we will be seeing playing in the Finals on Sunday.

Losers Round #1

The intensity of the losers bracket round one had hearts racing as teams fought tooth and nail to keep their tournament hopes alive. LG’s nail-biting finish in 10th place by just one point showcased the fine margins in competitive gaming, while DSG managed to maintain their composure to secure a solid 8th place. We also saw the South American roster of Geared Gaming put on a show winning the lobby with 78 points and a very impressive 44 kills. Unfortunately, Oxygen’s journey came to an end, marking a somber moment as the first North American team to exit the tournament.

Winners Round #1

In contrast, winners bracket round 1 offered a different atmosphere, with teams aiming to solidify their positions for the finals. FNATIC and REJECT from APAC North asserted their dominance, setting a high bar for the competition. DarkZero’s early success was tempered by later setbacks, yet they still managed a respectable 4th-place finish. The unexpected twists left fan favorites like DSG, Alliance, and reigning champions TSM facing a tense battle in the 3rd series with everything on the line.

Losers Round #2

Losers bracket round 2 saw standout performances from E8 led by Zachmazer and a surprising resurgence from Cloud9. TSM and LG managed to secure their spots in the finals, albeit with less fanfare than expected. However, teams like Furia, Complexity, NAVI, and Crazy Racoon faced disappointment as their tournament dreams were dashed just outside the top 10.

Finals Teams

As anticipation builds for the Finals on May 5th, the stage is set for an epic showdown. Will TSM defend their title and cement their legacy as the best in the world, or will DarkZero rise to reclaim the throne? With the possibility of a new champion emerging, the ALGS history books are poised for another thrilling chapter. Don’t miss the action as the top teams battle it out for glory on Sunday!


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