Apex Team Furia Partners With HisAndHers to Provide Apex Tournaments

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Apex Academy

In collaboration, Furia, a prominent esports organization, and HisandHers, a couple’s innovative gaming community, have come together to introduce the Apex Academy. This initiative aims to reignite the passion for Apex Legends tournaments to accompany official ALGS events by catering to players of all skill levels and creating a more inclusive and diverse competitive landscape.

In recent times, Apex Legends enthusiasts have expressed a desire for more tournaments tailored to their skill levels, preferences, or diverse communities. The decline in interest in esports and Apex Legends viewership has been noticeable in 2022 and 2023. Despite this, the Apex community remains vibrant, with players eager for opportunities to showcase their skills and win exciting prizes.


The absence of significant tournaments hosted by Respawn and EA, aside from the official ALGS (Apex Legends Global Series), left a void in the competitive scene. In response to this, Furia and HisandHers have stepped in to fill the gap with the Apex Academy, a platform designed to bring players from diverse backgrounds and skill gaps together in the spirit of competition.

The Apex Academy promises a multitude of leagues, each catering to specific player demographics and preferences. The Panthera Advanced League and Panthera League are tailored for high-skill players, while the Bot League provides a more casual experience. Additionally, the Women’s League, BIPOC League, LGBTQIA League, and Random Royale aim to foster inclusivity and representation within the Apex Legends community.


One of the highlights of the Apex Academy is the exclusive HisWattson Cup, a unique tournament designed to showcase the talent and camaraderie within the Apex Legends community. Participants can look forward to competing for coveted prizes, exclusive giveaways, and even the chance to interact with special guests from Furia’s Apex Division.

The Apex Academy’s announcement has already generated excitement within the Apex Legends community, with players eager to participate in this reimagined competitive landscape. By fostering a sense of community and competition, Furia and HisandHers aim to breathe new life into Apex Legends tournaments, ensuring that players have a platform to showcase their skills and passion for the game.

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