Apex Team Sentinels Makes ALGS Roster Change

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In a surprising turn of events, the competitive Apex Legends scene has been abuzz with news of roster changes within Team Sentinels. The trio of RKN, Orioles, and Xenial, who had been commanding attention in the ALGS Year 4, is undergoing a significant shakeup as Orioles recently announced his departure, declaring himself “Looking for Team” for the remainder of the season.

The sudden announcement has left fans speculating about the future composition of Team Sentinels. While the team hasn’t publicly addressed the situation or their plans moving forward, rumors have been circulating regarding potential replacements. One name that has emerged amidst the speculation is Lewda, who was spotted scrimming with the team recently. However, no official confirmation has been made regarding his inclusion in the roster.

The timing of these roster changes coincides with the release of the Apex Season 20 Breakout update, which has brought about a significant shift in the game’s meta. With new legends, weapons, and map changes introduced, teams across the competitive circuit are seizing the opportunity to recalibrate their strategies and optimize their lineups.

Team Sentinels is not alone in this endeavor, as other prominent organizations such as Native Gaming and Meat Lovers are also reportedly considering roster adjustments. The dynamic nature of the competitive scene has made it imperative for teams to adapt swiftly to the evolving landscape, and roster changes are often seen as a strategic response to maintain a competitive edge.

As the dust settles and teams finalize their lineups, the Apex Legends community eagerly awaits to see how these changes will impact the competitive landscape. With the ALGS Year 4 in full swing, every decision made by these top-tier teams will undoubtedly shape the trajectory of the season.

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