Apex Team Meat Lovers Make ALGS Roster Change

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Lux Moves On

Roster changes are not uncommon in Apex Legends. However, when a key player like Luxford, formerly of Team MEAT LOVERS, announces they are “being replaced,” confusion and speculation quickly follow. Luxford has been a cornerstone of Team MEAT LOVERS’ recent successes, with Team Captain TeQ’s astute eye for talent evident in his recruitment.

TeQ Responds

Moments after Luxford’s surprising announcement, fans were left scratching their heads, wondering why such a pivotal player would be dropped. However, clarity soon emerged when TeQ revealed in a chat with Hodsic, the Pro Coach for XSET, that Luxford was not actually being dropped but was rather transitioning to a new role with a trial for Apex Pro Team Native Gaming.

The move comes as a shock to many, especially considering Native Gaming’s recent trial of Zeddo for the third position, which saw considerable success. TeQ’s admission that Luxford’s departure from Team MEAT LOVERS was not a termination but a decision made by Lux to trial for Native adds complexity to the situation as it forces MEAT LOVERS to make an ALGS Roster change.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time TeQ has lost teammates to an organization willing to pay the players. It has been a long goal for the MEAT LOVERS to be signed by an organization to stop this from happening. As the eSport continues to grow, we hope this is an issue that occurs less.

Lux Responds

Lux was quick to receive backlash on the word choice for his post as it insinuates he was dropped. Lux began to back up his claims that maybe there is more to the story than what meets the eye. One could assume Lux may have intended to come back if the trial did not play out well, and maybe the MEAT LOVERS were not happy with that. This is all speculation of course, and all Lux provided was the screenshot below.

Luxford’s move to Native Gaming indicates a significant shift in the competitive landscape, as teams continue to fine-tune their rosters in pursuit of victory in the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS). While TeQ expressed uncertainty regarding Luxford’s wording of his departure announcement, the decision underscores the fluid nature of professional esports teams and the importance of strategic adaptability.

ALGS Year 4

As the dust settles on this unexpected roster change, all eyes will be on Luxford as he embarks on a new chapter with Native Gaming. Meanwhile, Team MEAT LOVERS will undoubtedly be evaluating their options as they seek to maintain their competitive edge in the fiercely competitive world of Apex Legends esports. All in all, each party seems to be mutually splitting ways and everyone is excited to see the storylines build for ALGS Year 4!

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