Apex Team NO NAME Win NA ALGS Challenger Circuit 3

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In an electrifying come-from-behind victory, the Spanish powerhouse team NO NAME claim victory in the North American ALGS Challenger Circuit #3. Comprising Chik1s, Gyozey, and Denpride, NO NAME showcased their dominance by amassing an impressive 67 points alongside an astounding 27 kills.

This triumph marks a significant milestone for NO NAME, as they become the second Spanish team to emerge victorious in the Challenger Circuit during Split 1, following in the footsteps of BEARGOATS just weeks prior. Their exceptional performance not only secured them bragging rights but also earned them the coveted ticket to the North American PLQ, offering them a shot at qualifying for the highly anticipated Split 2 Playoffs.

While NO NAME claimed the spotlight with their remarkable performance, other notable finishes in the tournament included Albralelie’s formidable team Stallions, securing a commendable 3rd place, along with Tripods finishing in 9th place. However, it was a disappointing outing for Vaxlon’s team LC, who finished in 17th place, falling short of their expectations. These teams will have another shot in the upcoming Challenger Circuit #4 on April 13-15.

The Top 22

Many are focused on the top 22 in Challenger Circuit points as the top teams fight for a chance in PLQ. The top teams as of now are as follows:

As NO NAME prepares to embark on their journey to the North American PLQ, the Apex Legends community eagerly anticipates their continued success and the fierce competition they will undoubtedly encounter along the way. With their sights set on glory, fans eagerly await their next chapter in the competitive Apex Legends saga. Best of luck to NO NAME in PLQ.

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