Sign Pro Apex “Team Burger” in the ALGS

Estimated read time 2 min read, a prominent name in esports, is plunging into the competitive world of Apex Legends with the signing of the APAC South roster “Team Burger”. This bold move signifies’s ambition to carve out a space in Apex history.

Comprising seasoned players and a seasoned coach, Team Burger is a force to be reckoned with. Led by former LAN champion Sharky, alongside the esteemed MnK player Prycyy, the formidable Wheyorn, and Urban at the helm as coach.’s venture into competitive Apex isn’t entirely new. The organization made an appearance in the scene back in 2019/2020, predating the establishment of the Apex Legends Global Series as we know it today. Now, with the competitive landscape more vibrant than ever, aims to solidify its presence and stake its claim among the elite.

But this signing is just the beginning of many. Other rosters from around the world have hinted at more signings in the pipeline before the Split 1 Playoff LAN kicks off in early May. Among them are Legacy from North America and Yokoyari from the APACN region. These additions underscore the growing interest in competitive Apex and the ALGS for the future.

In the upcoming Split 1 Playoffs, finds itself in Group A alongside formidable opponents like DarkZero, Luminosity Gaming, and Navi. It’s a challenging bracket, but this roster is primed to take on the competition head-on, backed by the support and resources of

As the competitive Apex scene continues to evolve and expand, the entry of esteemed organizations like bodes well for its long-term viability. With each new signing and every thrilling match, the excitement surrounding Apex Legends esports only continues to grow.

Stay tuned for further updates as more organizations join the fray in the ALGS in the weeks to come.


My name is Austin, also known as Lumpy. I am a involved in all things Apex and ALGS.

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