Apex Pro Clane Dropped From Native Gaming ALGS Roster

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In a twist within the competitive Apex Legends scene, professional player Clane has been dropped from the Native Gaming ALGS roster. Clane, who has been an integral part of the Native Gaming lineup for some time, serving as the captain and in-game leader (IGL) of the squad is now looking for a new team.

Throughout Split 1 of the North American pro league, Clane, alongside teammates RamBeau and Luxford, navigated the growing pains of roster changes, demonstrating resilience and determination despite the challenges. While the team encountered initial struggles due to roster swaps, they exhibited promise in the latter half of the season, hinting at their potential to be a threat within the ALGS.

Despite their efforts, Native Gaming concluded the season in 16th place overall, narrowly missing out on the playoffs. Despite their commendable performance in the latter part of Split 1, it seems that the organization has opted for a change in its roster.

Clane, expressing his disappointment and uncertainty about the future, took to Twitter to announce his departure from the team. In his tweet, he highlighted his dedication to the game and his team, expressing his desire to continue competing at the highest level. However, he also hinted at the possibility of leaving the gaming scene altogether if he is unable to secure a paid opportunity in the near future.

The decision to drop Clane from the Native Gaming roster has left many fans and followers of the competitive Apex Legends scene puzzled, leaving the community speculating about the motives behind this unexpected decision. RamBeau also took to Twitter to say that he will be LF1 with Luxford and will be trialing players for Split 2.

All eyes are now on the future of the Native Gaming ALGS roster. With Clane now seeking opportunities elsewhere, the team will undoubtedly face the challenge of rebuilding and regrouping ahead of the upcoming competitions. Stay tuned for updates on the Native Gaming ALGS roster going into Split 2 of year 4.

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