Apex Roster Split Causes ALGS Pro League Forfeit Controversy

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In the wake of their triumphant victory in last week’s Preseason Qualifiers (PSQ), GKS, the North American Apex Legends team, finds themselves at the center of a burgeoning controversy that may jeopardize their Pro League spot. The drama unfolded when Sleepypanda, a key member of the PSQ-winning roster, took to Twitter to announce an unexpected and premature roster change.

GKS, comprised of Chaoticmuch, Sleepypanda, and sauceror, had clinched their spot in the Pro League after emerging victorious in the PSQ. However, just one week after their success, Sleepypanda revealed that he was being dropped from the roster. The decision, made by sauceror and Chaotic, sent shockwaves through the Apex Legends community, prompting speculation about who would fill the vacant spot.

Potentail 3rd & ALGS Rulebook

Anticipation ran high among fans, with names like Snip3down and StayNaughty being tossed around as potential replacements by fans. It’s important to note no official announcement has been made for a new player at this time. However, the situation took an unexpected turn as fans and fellow pro players highlighted a crucial detail from the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) rulebook.

The ALGS rulebook stipulates that teams qualifying from the Preseason Qualifiers are obligated to maintain the roster from the team’s most recently completed PSQ event for the initial series of the Regular Season Split 1. This rule is designed to ensure stability and prevent sudden roster changes after qualification.

Sikezz, an Apex Legends pro player, was quick to point out the implications, stating, “They literally can’t drop you.” The revelation threw GKS into a precarious position, as they now face potential consequences for violating the league’s rules by making an unauthorized roster change.

The Future

The controversy ignited a firestorm of criticism from the professional Apex Legends community. Notable players such as ImMadness, Noko, and Dropped expressed their disapproval, with some suggesting that Sleepypanda should choose to opt-out and play with the new roster, effectively leading to GKS losing their hard-earned Pro League spot. Dropped went on to describe the situation as “pathetic,” emphasizing that GKS had rightfully earned their place in the Pro League.

As the community waits with bated breath to see how this saga unfolds, rumors circulate that an organization is eyeing GKS for potential sponsorship, adding another layer of complexity to an already tense situation. The future of GKS’s Pro League spot remains uncertain, as the fallout from this controversial roster change continues to reverberate through the Apex Legends esports scene. Stay tuned for further developments as GKS navigates the repercussions of their decisions in the highly competitive world of Apex Legends.

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