The Future of Pro Apex Team FaZe in The ALGS

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FaZe Clan, a name synonymous with esports excellence across various titles, found themselves at a crossroads in the (ALGS during Split 1 of the North American pro league. With a roster comprising Snip3down, Pandxrz, and Xera, expectations were understandably high. However, the outcome was far from ideal as they failed to secure a spot in the regional finals, landing at a disappointing 25th place out of 30 competing teams.

This lackluster performance has not only tarnished the roster’s reputation but also resulted in their relegation from the pro league for Split 2. The road ahead seems challenging as they now must fight their way back through the Pro League Qualifiers (PLQ) if they opt to stay together as a team.

Relegated Teams

Speculations about the future of the FaZe roster are surfacing, with rumors suggesting an imminent breakup. While Pandxrz and Xera were expected to continue as a duo, owing to their longstanding partnership dating back to the Furia roster, but with recent tweets that seems unlikely. As for Snip3down it’s unclear whether he will pursue opportunities elsewhere or exit the league.

Pandxrz recently took to Twitter to announce he is looking for a team for Split 2. This announcement could mean we may see an entirely new Faze roster competing in the upcoming PLQ or FaZe’s exit from the ALGS shortly.

Adding to the uncertainty is FaZe Clan’s participation in the new EA Partner program within the ALGS. With underwhelming performances like their recent showing in Split 1, questions arise about FaZe’s continued partnership with EA. The possibility of EA seeking out organizations with more competitive rosters could further jeopardize FaZe Clan’s standing in the league.

The off-season promises to be a period of introspection and decision-making for FaZe Clan. Whether they choose to regroup and forge ahead, they undergo restructuring or the players find different teams to compete with, fans and analysts alike eagerly await official announcements regarding the future of FaZe Clan’s ALGS roster. Stay tuned for more updates on FaZe this offseason.


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