Apex Pro Sikezz & Xynew ALGS Feud

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The Drama

In the fast-paced world of Apex Legends, where legends rise and fall like the stormy tides of King’s Canyon, Twitter has become the battleground for epic feuds and hilarious drama. The latest skirmish? The clash of the titans between Apex Pro Sikezz (former XSET pro) and Apex Pro Xynew (former DarkZero pro).

It all started when Sikezz expressed interest in leaving XSET. Little did he know, this decision would set off a chain reaction of chaos and success. XSET’s new recruit, the enigmatic “Koyful,” stepped in and led the squad to victory in many scrim sets and the recent Carnage Cup, leaving Sikezz in the crossfire of blame.

Xynew Kicks Off

Xynew, apparently feeling the need to add a sprinkle of salt to Sikezz’s wounds, took to Twitter to tag him in celebration. Sikezz, not one to back down, fired back with a tweet that shook the Apex community: “You got picked up to DZ cause I told zero you were good then got dropped for me 💀.” Ouch… what a low blow.

Xynew Body Slams

Xynew, clearly not amused, retaliated, denying any claims of being dropped and asserting, “no one got dropped u stupid f*** i gave u my spot and u made the team worse.” After this, we here at ApexGlobalSeries.com fell to our knees in disbelief.

Official sources, presumably armed with popcorn, confirmed that Xynew did indeed request to review scrims and tourney results. It seems the drama wasn’t just for show, and both sides were ready to bring the receipts.

Nocturnal Makes Peace

In an unexpected turn of events, former teammate Nocturnal tried to play peacemaker, saying, “I’ve rescinded my meme, let’s be friends fellas.” Ah, the classic attempt at diffusing the virtual bomb.

Xynew, ever the Twitter tactician, defended himself, stating, “guy wants to make it personal after a troll tweet; this isn’t my fault lmao.” The virtual crowd erupted in a chorus of emojis and retweets, we love beef.

But fear not, for the drama rollercoaster took an unexpected twist. Sikezz, perhaps realizing the storm he’d stirred, quickly retracted his statement, offering an olive branch with, “Sorry, I retract my previous statement, let’s play ranked.” Ah, the power of an apology and the promise of a few rounds of ranked Apex to mend virtual wounds.

Xynew and Sikezz Marriage

And just when you thought the tale couldn’t get any wilder, news broke that the two rivals are set to move in together next week, with a potential wedding date leaked for April 1, 2024. Is this a love story in the making? Only time will tell.

Stay tuned, fellow legends, as we eagerly await the next thrilling chapter in the ongoing saga of Sikezz and Xynew. Will their in-game synergy translate to domestic bliss, or will it all end in a respawn beacon of broken hearts? The Apex Legends community holds its breath in anticipation.

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