Apex Pro Zaptoh’s Potential Move to E8 in ALGS Year 4

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Zap to E8?

In the competitive gaming world, player transitions are a common occurrence, and in ALGS Year 4, Zaptoh’s name has been in the mix. The idea of him leaving the pro league’s Meat Lovers to consider a team like E8, which is currently fighting for a Pro League spot, might seem puzzling at first. However, when we dig into the specifics, it becomes more clear why this move could make sense.

Initially, there were whispers about Zaptoh potentially joining the ranks of established teams like FaZe and DarkZero. These teams have already secured their place in the Pro League, offering both financial incentives and equal standing among their peers. It raised questions about why Zaptoh would consider E8, a team currently working towards Pro League qualification.

Team Captain Zachmazer also said live on stream days ago that he “has to talk to zap about the budget and get him set up” which alludes to the likelyhood of it being official.

More to the Story

But there’s more to this story. Just because moves seem likely and players get targeted, things can change. Apex Pro Teams heavily rely on “Trials” and teams often don’t commit to the plan set before them. Although it’s not official yet, Zaptoh has been consistently practicing with E8’s Zachmazer and Shooby in recent scrims. This has led to notable improvements for E8, including wins and top-3 finishes in multiple sets. It’s clear that Zaptoh sees potential in the synergy and teamwork within the E8 roster.

One logical explanation for Zaptoh’s choice is the financial aspect. While Pro League teams like Complexity, FaZe, and DarkZero can provide Zap with Pro League spot, salary, and immediate status, if the Trials didn’t work out, E8 may have been his best chance for financial support and a team he believed in which is crucial for professional gamers, especially in the short term.


Nonetheless, there are valid concerns about the future of the E8 roster if they fail to secure a Pro League spot. The qualification process can be unpredictable and challenging. Zaptoh’s decision to join E8 is undoubtedly a gamble, but it appears to be a calculated one, based on his confidence in the team’s potential and the immediate financial gains.

As we eagerly anticipate official updates, it’s crucial to keep a close watch on E8’s journey in ALGS Year 4. The coming weeks will play a pivotal role in determining the success of this newly formed lineup and whether Zaptoh’s decision will ultimately prove to be a wise career move. Stay tuned for more ALGS Year 4 developments in the world of competitive Apex Legends.

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