Apex Pro Team Sentinels Expected To Build Around “Sweetdreams” for ALGS Year 4

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Roster Overhaul

According to multiple strong sources inside the North American Division for ALGS, Sentinels are poised to undergo a significant overhaul of their roster, with the centerpiece of their new lineup being none other than the highly sought-after talent, Sweetdreams. This information was shared before the split of SEN and given the recent events of Rkn posting for a new team, it seems all the more likely. This information is not publicly confirmed by SEN nor Sweet himself and is simply a rumor at this time.

Sweet & SEN Split

Sweetdreams, affectionately known as “Sweet” in the competitive gaming community, is a formidable North American pro player with a robust social media presence. His name has become synonymous with exceptional skills and an engaging online persona, making him an attractive prospect for teams seeking to bolster their ranks in the world of competitive Apex Legends. Sweet also noted in a recent live stream that he would more than likely “join an already existing org in Apex” and not one of the new ones set to join.

The news surrounding Sentinels’ interest in Sweetdreams has gained substantial momentum, particularly in the wake of a recent roster update from Sentinels’ long-time player, RKN, who posted his intentions to “LFT/LF2” in the upcoming PLQ. This development raised eyebrows within the community, sparking speculation about the future of the Sentinels’ ALGS roster. It’s also note worthy that Rkn has been seen playing scrims with “Frqst” and “Vem” under the SEN name, however this is assumed to be a placeholder team name and no expectations of being the new SEN roster.

Koyful & Nafen

However, the intrigue doesn’t end there. As the rumor mill continues to churn, there is speculation about where Koyful, another top-tier Apex Legends player, might land. While some sources suggest that Koyful could join Nafen and Sweetdreams in the Sentinels, others speculate that he might find his new home with another powerhouse in the competitive Apex Legends scene—DarkZero (DZ).

SEN Financial Issue

Although this information seems exciting many questions surround the situation such as: “What happened to the poor financial situation Sentinels expressed themselves to be in just months ago?” How could this organization afford such talent after revealing their possibility of closing down?

CEO of Sentinels “Robert Moore” said recently regarding the financial situation that “We’re optimistic that we’ll be on a path where we’ll reduce these losses, and hopefully soon we’ll be profitable.” So SEN may still be around for the end game after all and makes it more likely they could acquire this top tier talent for ALGS Year 4.


These developments have created an air of anticipation and excitement within the Apex Legends community. As fans and esports enthusiasts eagerly await official announcements, the future of Sweetdreams, Koyful, and the Sentinels’ ALGS roster remains a compelling story to follow.

In the ever-evolving world of esports, where rosters shift and talent rises, the potential addition of Sweetdreams to Sentinels and the subsequent ripple effect across the competitive Apex Legends landscape promises to be an exhilarating journey for players and fans alike. Stay tuned as we await the official word on these roster changes and watch as these world-class players continue to shape the future of competitive Apex Legends.

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