Apex Pro “Gild” Seems To Be JOINING Moist Esports for ALGS Year 4

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The Move To NA

In the ever-evolving world of professional Apex Legends, a potential game-changing transfer is making waves. Speculations have been rife about the future of Apex Pro player “Gild.” While many initially anticipated a move to DarkZero, recent sightings of Gild practicing with Moist Esports have piqued curiosity.

Moist Esports, an emerging force in the Apex Legends competitive scene, recently revealed their plans to move from the APAC S region to North America for ALGS Year 4. This strategic shift highlights their determination to conquer the global stage.

Gild “Playing with MST in Scrims”

The alliance between Gild and Moist Esports appears increasingly likely, and if realized, it could reshape the team’s dynamics and competitiveness. Gild’s experience and skill would be an invaluable addition to the roster, potentially giving Moist Esports the edge they need in the fierce North American ALGS competition. Days ago an account with the same name as Gild, “GildWasTaken”, was spotted playing with MST. Fans wonder if this was the real Gild of course, but now that the move to NA is happening, it seems more likely that it may have been.


It was also noted that Gild was tagged in a recent post for the Kurupt Cup as winners alongside the MST Roster. This had fans further believing that MST would surely be picking up Gild as their new 3rd.

Though the details remain speculative, the Apex Legends community eagerly anticipates official announcements from Gild and Moist Esports. If this exciting partnership materializes, it promises an intense and thrilling ALGS Year 4, featuring new alliances and intense competition.

Should Gild Join Moist Esports?

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