Apex Pro Caprah May Join DarkZero for ALGS Year 4

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Caprah on DarkZero

The Apex Legends community is abuzz about the possible addition of Apex Pro Caprah to the DarkZero roster for ALGS Year 4. While nothing is official yet, several hints and speculations suggest that Caprah might be on the verge of joining the DarkZero team.

DarkZero’s coach, known as “zZ,” mentioned that Caprah is currently “trailing,” indicating that negotiations or trials are likely in progress. Caprah is a renowned Mouse and Keyboard player, known for his remarkable in-game mechanics, which would make him a valuable asset to any professional Apex Legends team.

Public Confirmation

During recent in-game lobby chats for scrims, fans and analysts noticed some noteworthy comments that could potentially confirm Caprah’s entry into DarkZero. The scrim director, minustempo, mentioned that DarkZero needed at least 2 out of 3 roster members to play. This led to a seemingly significant conclusion, as the statement “Zero + Caprah = 2” was acknowledged, strongly suggesting Caprah’s serious consideration for a spot on the DarkZero roster.


What adds weight to this speculation is Caprah’s friendship with DarkZero’s Zer0, an existing member of the team. Strong camaraderie between players can significantly boost team dynamics and communication, making Caprah’s addition even more interesting.

Caprah is a young talent who has been steadily climbing the ranks in competitive Apex Legends over the last two years. His consistent performance and exceptional skills have drawn the attention of many, making him a sought-after player in the competitive scene.

DZ Roster

Currently, DarkZero’s active roster comprises Zer0 and Genburten. However, reports have surfaced that Genburten has been absent from the squad recently, with the reasons for his absence remaining undisclosed. With that said, you should expects Zer0, Gen, Caprah, but rostermania is unpredictable.

Even the TSM roster couldn’t resist making some lighthearted comments about the situation. They humorously referred to a potential lineup of Zer0 and Caprah as “the God Squad” and expressed disbelief with comments like “there’s no way.” These reactions from other top players in the scene only add to the intrigue and excitement surrounding this potential roster move.

Fans have been speculating about DarkZero’s next addition for a while, with some expecting the arrival of a controller player. However, all signs currently point to Apex Pro Caprah as the favored choice. If this rumor turns out to be true, it would undoubtedly be a surprising move that has the potential to reshape the competitive Apex Legends landscape.

As of now, nothing has been officially confirmed, and fans will eagerly await an official announcement from DarkZero or Caprah himself to see if this exciting development becomes a reality. Apex Legends enthusiasts around the world are on the edge of their seats, eager to see how this potential addition will impact the ALGS Year 4 and the competitive Apex Legends scene as a whole.

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