ALGS Veteran Onmuu Joins Tripods for Year 4

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In the dynamic world of esports, team rosters are constantly evolving, and the recent announcement from Apex Legends squad Tripods has stirred both excitement and anticipation among fans. Last week, the team faced a setback with the departure of Nickmercs, leaving many wondering about the future direction of the team. However, amidst the uncertainty, fans were quick to rally behind the remaining core members, Gent, and Deeds, recognizing their potential and determination.

In the aftermath of Nickmercs’ departure, Tripods wasted no time in exploring their options, particularly in the search for a new third member to complete their roster. Speculations ran rampant within the community, with many eyes turning towards Vaxlon, a standout talent in the free agent market. Yet, recent developments took the Apex scene by surprise when Tripods’ Coach Voltic hinted at successful scrimmages featuring none other than former World Champion Onmuu.

Onmuu, renowned for his exceptional skills and strategic mind, has been in search of a solid team since his departure from 100 Thieves. His addition to the Tripods lineup would bring a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success at the highest level of competition. Despite the challenges of finding the right fit post-breakup, Onmuu’s seamless integration with the Tripods roster has reignited hopes and raised expectations among fans.

Today, the speculation comes to an end as Tripods officially announced their updated roster in a Twitter video posted by Deeds.

With Gent, Deeds, and Onmuu at the helm, Tripods is poised to make a splash in the upcoming ALGS Year 4. The combination of raw talent, veteran leadership, and relentless determination sets the stage for an exciting journey ahead.


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