Apex Pro “voiid” Dropped from ALGS Team Eternal EC

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In a surprising turn of events, the Apex Legends competitive scene is shocked with news of a roster change within the newly formed ALGS team Eternal EC. Formerly known as S2, the team secured their spot in the Pro League through the Preseason Qualifier (PSQ) with a roster comprised of Voiid, Coce, and Carter. However, recent developments have shaken the foundation of this formidable squad.

What Happened?

Voiid, one of the core members of the team, took to Twitter to announce that he has been dropped from the roster and is now on the lookout for a new team. Initially met with skepticism from fans who perceived it as a possible prank, Voiid later clarified the situation, confirming that his departure from Eternal EC is indeed genuine. He expressed his readiness to explore opportunities even if it means stepping down to the Challenger Circuit.


This unexpected twist has left fans and analysts speculating about the future trajectory of both Voiid and Eternal EC. With Voiid’s departure, the team will undoubtedly undergo significant restructuring as they seek to fill the void left by their former teammate. Meanwhile, Voiid’s decision to pursue new opportunities opens up a realm of possibilities for his future endeavors in the competitive Apex scene. Fans are curious to see if he will land another Pro League spot or be forced to compete at the challenger level again.

In light of these developments, we reached out to Voiid for further clarification, and he corroborated the news, solidifying the reality of the roster change. As the dust settles, all eyes are on the next steps for both Voiid and Eternal EC.

As the Apex Legends community awaits further updates on the situation, one thing remains certain: the landscape of competitive Apex is ever-evolving, with roster changes and team dynamics shaping the course of its future. Stay tuned for more developments on the future of Voiid and Eternal EC.

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