Pro Apex Team 9Lies Exit The ALGS

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After a season filled with highs and lows, 9Lies Esports has made the difficult decision to exit the competitive scene of Apex Legends and the ALGS. This announcement comes after the conclusion of Split 1, where the organization’s North American roster comprising Awope, Lazur, and DieNastied showcased moments of brilliance but fell short of their desired results.

When 9Lies Esports acquired the North American roster at the onset of Split 1 pro league, expectations were high. The trio displayed promise and potential, demonstrating flashes of excellence throughout the preseason.

However, as the competition intensified, they found themselves consistently placed in the middle of the pack during every week of pro league. Despite their efforts, the team narrowly secured qualification for the Regional Finals, occupying the 20th position. Unfortunately, their Split 1 journey culminated with a 17th-place finish in the regional finals, leaving them in the 19th spot in the overall standings.

Despite the setbacks faced during Split 1, Awope, Lazur, and DieNastied will have a spot in the upcoming Split 2 of pro league. Their performance, while not reaching the desired heights, has proven strong enough to avoid relegation.

As 9Lies Esports bids farewell to Apex Legends and the ALGS, the organization extends its best wishes to the departing roster. Fans are urged to stay tuned for further updates on Rostermania.


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