Apex Team Element 6 Acquired by EXO Clan

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In a major development within the esports realm, EXO Clan has successfully acquired Element 6 Esports, including all assets, content creators, managers, and notably, the renowned Apex Legends team. The standout players, KSWINNIE and CJRACKED, will now compete under the EXO Clan banner.

Unfortunately it stated as EXO parted ways with their former roster inside the Apex scene for the ALGS. Many wondered if they would be leaving Apex Legends altogether.

Shortly after however, EXO announced a huge change in which Element 6 would be acquired by team EXO. As fans are sad to see Element 6 take a step back, their moving pieces still remain.

This acquisition signifies a significant expansion for EXO Clan, consolidating its position in the competitive gaming scene and the ALGS. Over the coming weeks, Element 6 will transition to operate under the EXO Clan name, promising an exciting period of growth and collaboration between both organizations.

We had conversations with CEO of EXO Jack McPoland who expressed to us his excitement about the move. He states “We’ll still be heavily involved in Apex” so as many saw them part ways with their former roster, they are excited to see the partial Element 6 roster make new beginnings.

After Element 6’s not-so-great showing during the EMEA Regional Finals, they failed to make Split 1 Playoffs. This is KSWINNIE’s first time not making a LAN event. We are still uncertain what the future now EXO clan roster may look like going into Split 2 of the ALGS.

Stay tuned as EXO Clan and its newly integrated Apex Legends team set their sights on dominating the ALGS.

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