Pro Apex Player Albralelie Potential Return To ALGS for Team Meat Lovers

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In a wild turn of events, renowned pro Apex Legends player Albralelie has seemingly emerged from his alleged retirement to join forces with the recently relegated pro league team Meat Lovers. This unexpected return comes just two weeks after Albralelie publicly declared his departure from competitive Apex, leaving the community in suspense about his future in the scene.

The Meat Lovers roster, comprised of Teq and Awons, have found themselves in need of a third member after their recent relegation in Split 1 of the pro league in ALGS. The duo was spotted playing Challenger Circuit scrims with a mysterious player going by the name “R5ROTSBRAINS.” Fans and fellow competitors alike were quick to speculate about the identity of this mystery player, leading to further investigation.

Upon closer inspection, it was revealed that “R5ROTSBRAINS” was none other than Albralelie himself, a fact later confirmed by Teq in the pro league Discord server. The unexpected announcement of Albralelie’s return to Challenger Circuit scrims quickly spread, generating a buzz of excitement and curiosity among the competitive Apex Legends community.

The timing of Albralelie’s return has fans confused however. His “stepping back” announcement, a mere two weeks ago, leaves fans wondering about his possible change of mind in regards to competitive apex. Albralelie’s return to competitive play with a team facing the challenges of relegation adds a unique twist to the story. Whether or not this is something that will be ongoing or just a one-and-done deal for Albralelie has yet to be seen as he has yet to confirm or deny anything himself.

The potential for redemption, both for the player and the team, injects an extra layer of excitement into the upcoming Challenger Circuit competitions. The unexpected turn of events has left fans eager to witness how this newly-formed roster, now featuring one of Apex Legends’ most celebrated players, will fare in the Challenger Circuit and possibly even beyond in the ALGS if they stay together.



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