Apex Pro Euriece Stepping Down From Team EVYLUTION in ALGS

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In recent developments in the world of the ALGS, seasoned Apex Legends professional player Euriece has decided to step down from the EVYLUTION roster that competed in the North American pro league in Split 1 of year 4. The announcement comes shortly after the team’s relegation from the pro league at the conclusion of Split 1, leaving fans and the Apex Legends community in anticipation of the team’s strategy moving forward. Additionally, the departure of Euriece, who has been a consistent presence in the ALGS competitions raises questions about his next move

Taking to Twitter, EVYlution player Yatzoh expressed the team’s need for a new player, stating that they are actively searching for one (LF1) to fill the gap left by Eurice. Yaztoh, along with teammate Vudo seem to be sticking together for the moment. Yaztoh has also expressed his interest for players to reach out to him for trials in the upcoming weeks.

With the recent relegation, EVYLUTION finds itself in the challenging position of having to fight their way back into the Pro League through the Pro League Qualifiers (PLQ). This daunting task involves competing against other relegated teams and rising talents from the Challenger Circuit, adding an extra layer of intensity to their journey.

Euriece’s decision to step down from EVYLUTION has sparked conversations within the community about the veteran player’s future plans. Given his experience and skill level, fans are eager to know whether Eurice will join forces with another team or potentially form a new one for the upcoming Split 2 of Year 4.

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