Apex Team XSET Exceeding Trials with Koyful for ALGS Year 4

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In the ever-evolving landscape of competitive esports, the reshuffling of team rosters is a common occurrence. Apex Legends, a game known for its dynamic gameplay and team-based strategy, is no exception to this trend. Recently, there has been a buzz surrounding the potential addition of Koyful to Team XSET, and the speculation is only intensifying as the Trial Team showcases remarkable success.

The Scrim Set that Turned Heads:

Just two days ago, the Apex Legends community witnessed a significant development in the competitive scene. During scrims, XSET member Sikezz was spotted playing with DarkZero, not as a mere stand-in, but as a seemingly a trial of his own. What caught everyone’s attention, however, was the presence of a new face in the XSET lineup—Koyful. The trial team, featuring Nocturnal, FunFPS and Koyful, secured a decisive victory in the scrim set, claiming 1st place and leaving the community buzzing with excitement.

Back-to-Back Victories:

Following the initial trial success, XSET did not rest on their laurels. The team continued to compete in subsequent matches last night, and the results were nothing short of impressive. In back-to-back victories, XSET, with Koyful in the lineup, clinched 1st place once again. The chemistry between the players seemed palpable, and the roster appeared to be growing into a formidable force within the Apex Legends competitive scene.

A Dangerous Roster in the Making:

The synergy demonstrated by XSET in recent matches has fueled speculation about the potential permanent addition of Koyful to the team. The trials were not just a showcase of individual skill but also a testament to the team’s ability to work seamlessly together. If the trend continues, XSET could be on the verge of solidifying a roster that has the potential to make waves in the upcoming ALGS year 4.

The roster seems to be looking for another good performance today as both DarkZero and XSET seem to be sticking it out again signups for today’s scrims.

Sweet And Nafen’s Performance:

Adding another layer to the unfolding narrative is the performance of the team Koyful tried out for last week—Sweet And Nafen. With their new trial player, Sweet And Nafen also showed slight improvement, sparking speculation about the possibility of Koyful & Sweet both finding their “better fits”. The Apex Legends community is left wondering if these roster changes are signaling a broader shift in team dynamics or if more trials are on the horizon.

The Unpredictable Apex Roster Changes:

The world of Apex Legends esports is known for its unpredictable roster changes. Players often move between teams in search of the perfect synergy, and trial periods are not uncommon. As Koyful’s trials continue to yield positive results for XSET, the Apex Legends community is eagerly awaiting official announcements and keeping a close eye on potential roster changes among other teams.


The likelihood of Koyful joining Team XSET appears to be growing with each successful trial. The back-to-back victories and the apparent chemistry between players make the prospect of a permanent addition to the roster increasingly plausible. However, in the ever-changing landscape of Apex Legends esports, nothing is certain until official announcements are made. Koyful’s trial with Sweet & Nafen were not unsuccessful either. As the community eagerly anticipates updates, one thing remains clear—Apex Legends’ competitive scene is as dynamic and unpredictable as the game itself. Stay tuned for further developments in this exciting chapter of esports drama.

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