Apex Team SAF Parts Ways with Roster for ALGS Year 4

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SAF Parts Ways

In a sad turn of events for the Apex Legends esports scene, Start a Fight (SAF) Esports has officially announced their decision to part ways with their Apex Legends roster. This announcement follows the team’s 14th-place finish at the recent Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) World Championship which was very commendable for the SA Region’s standards. The move comes at a time when significant changes are reshaping the landscape of competitive Apex Legends, particularly in South America.

League Changes

One of the major factors contributing to the departure of SAF Esports from the Apex Legends esports scene in South America is the removal of the region’s dedicated pro league for ALGS Year 4. This move has prompted several teams and organizations to reconsider their involvement in the region, leading to a series of exits that have left the community in a state of flux.

SAF Esports took to social media to share the news with their followers, expressing disappointment in the decision but emphasizing the inevitability of the changes the region had to endure. The announcement reflects the challenges faced by players and organizations in South America who find themselves caught in the crossfire of decisions that are beyond their control.


The departure of SAF Esports from the Apex Legends scene is a testament to the uncertainty and volatility that can characterize the esports industry. Teams and players often face unexpected challenges and must adapt to evolving circumstances. In this case, the decision to part ways with their roster is undoubtedly a difficult one for SAF Esports, their players, and the community that supported them.

As the Apex Legends competitive scene continues to evolve, it remains to be seen how South American teams and players will navigate the changes and forge ahead. The hope is that the resilience of the community will prevail, and new opportunities will emerge for players and organizations in the region.

In conclusion, the exit of SAF Esports from the Apex Legends esports scene is a poignant reminder of the complex and dynamic nature of competitive gaming. As the esports landscape undergoes transformations, the commitment of players and organizations to overcome challenges and adapt to new circumstances will play a crucial role in shaping the future of the sport.

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