Apex Team FaZe New ALGS Year 4 Roster

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Roster Changes

FaZe Clan, a prominent name in the competitive gaming scene, is set to make moves once again in the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) as they unveil their roster for Year 4. While their involvement in the ALGS Partnership program was confirmed with a spot among the 12 teams, the absence of a roster had left fans in suspense.

Following the conclusion of ALGS Year 3, the former FaZe roster underwent changes, with Snip3down remaining on FaZe, while Phony and Frexs ventured into new territories, forming a new team. As the community eagerly anticipated FaZe’s roster announcement, recent developments on the official ALGS Battlefy page have shed light on the organization’s new lineup.

ALGS Year 4 Roster

According to the Battlefy page, FaZe Clan has secured the talents of Snip3down, Xeratricky, and Pandxrz. This duo of Xera and Pandxrz was previously known as “The Gromps” after their release from team FURIA. They then began to team with FaZe Snip3down and adopted the moniker “third group chat,” had a brief stint as “Casual Gaming” before catching the attention of FaZe Clan.

The journey of this newly formed roster is intriguing, having experienced several name changes and affiliations before finally catching the eye of FaZe Clan. The organization’s decision to sign this lineup reflects their confidence in the team’s potential and skill. It wasn’t just Battlefy that seemingly confirmed this but also Oversight’s official spreadsheet aswell.

Pro League

The ALGS Pro League is set to kick off this Sunday, marking the beginning of intense competition in Year 4. With doubts circulating among some fans, there is a palpable excitement to witness how FaZe Clan’s new roster will perform on the competitive stage as they face doubt from many fans.

The signing of this roster not only solidifies FaZe Clan’s commitment to the Apex Legends competitive scene but also adds a layer of anticipation for fans and enthusiasts alike. As the ALGS Year 4 unfolds, all eyes will be on FaZe Clan’s journey with their revamped lineup. Stay tuned for thrilling matches and memorable moments as this powerhouse organization dives into another season of Apex Legends competition.

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