Apex Team Complexity Adds Pro Lou to ALGS Roster

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The History

In a surprising turn of events, the Apex Legends competitive scene is interested in a new change with news of a roster change as pro player “Lou” reunites with Monsoon for the upcoming ALGS Year 4 on Team Complexity. This duo has a history of competing together, having previously been teammates on team FlyQuest. However, as is common in the fast-paced world of esports, roster changes occurred, leading them on separate paths.

Originally, Complexity’s ALGS Year 4 lineup was set to feature Monsoon, Kimchi, and Reptar. Fans were eagerly anticipating the team’s debut for Pro League. However, the recent update to the Battlefy roster and the roster spreadsheet created by scrim host minustempo have unveiled a significant alteration to Complexity’s lineup.

The Proof

The big news is that Lou, previously occupying the Coaching/Sub role for team DNO, will be making a switch to Complexity as a starting player. This unexpected move adds a new layer of excitement to Complexity’s lineup, introducing a seasoned pro player with experience in high-stakes competition.

The Positions

As of now, Reptar seems to find himself in the substitute role, adjusting to the changes in the team dynamics. The transition brings new possibilities for Complexity, as they welcome Lou into the fold and prepare for the challenges that lie ahead in ALGS Year 4.

The esports community is buzzing with anticipation for the official start of the pro league action this Sunday. Fans are eager to witness how this revamped Complexity lineup, now featuring the reunited duo of Lou and Monsoon, will fare against the fierce competition in the upcoming season.

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