Apex Season 19 Ignite NERFS Legend Meta For ALGS Year 4

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As Apex enters ALGS Year 4, Season 19, “Ignite,” brings sweeping changes to the competitive Apex Legends scene. The dominant legends, Bangalore and Catalyst, face significant nerfs, alongside the removal of the Digital Threat attachment in replicators, promising a profound shift in the competitive landscape.

Bangalore’s Adjustments

Pro players and streamers have long complained about Bangalore’s overpowering presence in the meta. Season 19 addresses this with notable nerfs:

  1. Speed Boost Duration: Reduced to about a second.
  2. Smoke Lifetime: Smoke now clears fully in 16 seconds.
  3. Ultimate Stun: Its stun duration has been reduced to 5 seconds.

These changes aim to make Bangalore less evasive and dominant in fights.

Catalyst’s Struggles

Catalyst, a favored pick in competitive play, undergoes significant nerfs targeting her tactical ability, the Piercing Spikes:

  1. Fewer Spikes: Catalyst can now place only 2 Piercing Spikes, down from 3.
  2. Reduced Throwing Range: Piercing Spikes have a range of about 40 meters.
  3. Wall Uptime: Wall uptime is reduced to 28 seconds, with cooldown starting upon deployment.
  4. Bullet Penetration: Bullets can now pass through Spikes, diminishing their effectiveness as cover.

These nerfs challenge Catalyst’s control and disruption capabilities.

The End of Digital Threat in Replicators

The removal of the Digital Threat attachment from the replicator is a game-changing decision affecting competitive play. This attachment allowed players to see through Bangalore’s smokescreen, amplifying her strength. Its absence levels the playing field in terms of vision and awareness during engagements.


Season 19’s “Ignite” patch notes redefine the ALGS legend meta by nerfing Bangalore and Catalyst while eliminating the Digital Threat attachment. This shift heralds a more balanced and diverse competitive landscape. The ALGS Year 4 promises to be an exciting season as players adapt to these changes and craft new strategies in the ever-evolving Apex Legends arena.

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