Apex Pro Lewda Joins Sentinels ALGS Roster

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In a game-changing move, Pro Apex Legends team Sentinels have announced the addition of seasoned player Lewda to their roster for the remainder of Split 1 in the ALGS. The decision was unveiled by Sentinels’ IGL Rkn on Twitter, highlighting the team’s pursuit of a more aggressive and initiative-driven gameplay.

Rkn expressed his optimism about the new acquisition, stating, “Lewda brings a level of aggression and initiative that has been missing from previous iterations of our roster.” This strategic decision comes after a period of trials and evaluations of various players, indicating their commitment to refining the roster for greater success in the second half of the season.

Lewda’s journey in the Apex competitive scene has been a rollercoaster of highs and lows. Beginning with the debut of the Tripods roster, where he played alongside Nickmercs and Deeds, Lewda quickly gained recognition for his skills and adaptability. Notably, after his departure from Tripods he secured victory in the North American pro league last year and went to Split 1 LAN. Most recently, Lewda was a key member of Complexity’s roster during pro league last year and at the ALGS Championship LAN.

With Lewda now joining Sentinels, the team is poised for a change in dynamics that could potentially propel them to greater heights for perhaps the rest of the year. The infusion of Lewda’s aggression and initiative could serve as the missing link for Sentinels, creating a more formidable fighting team as they aim to secure a spot at the Split 1 LAN in the coming months.

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