Apex Former FaZe Roster Still LFO in ALGS Year 4

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Phony, Frexs, & Xynew

As we approach ALGS Year 4 Pro League, many teams involved have yet to be signed to an organization. With many organizations dropping their rosters to look for new ones, many thought that “League of Legends” (Phony, Frexs, Xynew) would certainly be signed after much success in scrims and this former FaZe roster (apart from Xynew) with a commendable placement in ALGS Year 3.

Despite consistently delivering impressive performances, including a recent second-place finish in scrim sets, the squad is, remarkably, without a home for the upcoming competitive season. Dan took to Twitter last night to share this unexpected news, creating a buzz within the Apex Legends community.


The announcement also raises questions about potential suitors for the talented squad. Notably, it appears that the possibility of joining FURIA or LG has been ruled out as Dan’s post alludes to not being apart of the organizations releasing their rosters. This adds an element of uncertainty to the team’s future as they continue to navigate the competitive landscape.

The decision to part ways with FaZe Clan is still unknown and the FaZe Clan roster or plan ahead is also uncertain. The subsequent search for a new organization suggest that the team is determined to find the right fit for their goals and aspirations in ALGS Year 4. Fans are simply shocked that amidst all the signings, this squad seems to have been left out.


It is uncommon to witness a team of this caliber actively seeking an organization so close to the start of the competitive season. This has raised the question about the future and sustainability of Apex esports. The uncertainty surrounding their future only adds to the intrigue, leaving fans eagerly anticipating updates and announcements.

As the Apex Legends community holds its breath, the League of Legends squad remains a formidable force in the competitive scene. Their journey to find a new organizational home is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing storylines heading into ALGS Year 4. Fans and esports enthusiasts alike will be keeping a close eye on developments, eager to see where this powerhouse team will land. Stay tuned for further updates on the League of Legends squad’s quest for an organization as the Apex Legends Global Series Season 4 approaches.

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