Apex Fans Blast ALGS Player for “Cheating”

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Cheating in Apex

In the world of competitive gaming, integrity and fair play are vital. Recently, the Apex Legends competitive community found itself embroiled in controversy as allegations of cheating swirled around a player known as “WaddlerMNK.” Accused of using aimbot and potentially wallhacks to gain an unfair advantage, this incident has sparked passionate discussions within the community about the prevalence of cheating in the game’s online tournaments. In Apex, this is sadly easy to accomplish.


WaddlerMNK’s name first came under scrutiny when multiple Tier 2 Apex Legends professionals publicly accused him of cheating. Such allegations, when substantiated, can be a serious stain on a player’s reputation. For those less familiar with gaming terminology, “aimbotting” involves the use of software that automatically locks onto opponents, making aiming incredibly precise, while “wallhacking” enables players to see through walls, revealing the positions of hidden opponents. Both practices offer a significant unfair advantage, undermining the competitive spirit of the game, but is Waddler actually cheating?

The Accusations

In response to these accusations, the Apex Legends community rallied to discuss the matter and ponder the ease with which players can cheat their way into the limelight of online tournaments. While some may argue that the competitive scene is a hotspot for talent and dedication, it’s also susceptible to individuals who seek shortcuts to fame and fortune.

Community Didn’t Buy It

Despite allegations and video clips circulating on social media, it’s noteworthy that WaddlerMNK claims to have his “PC checked” and was “found to be clear” of any cheating software. This revelation, however, didn’t quell the community’s doubts. Many claimed the one “checking” was not serious or a “friend”. Many continued to spread the clips and tagged Respawn Entertainment’s security team, imploring them to investigate and potentially ban the player.

Voderyy, a well known name in the Tier 2 scene of Apex, also made it known how easily these allegations can be easily looked over due to outside factors like having good “aimlab scores”.

The Defense

Despite the strong opinions of many players and fans, there are also names defending WaddlerMNK that are respected members in the community that believe he is not cheating, such as xxLionxx5150 from Specter Esports.

In the end, whether WaddlerMNK is proven guilty or innocent, the incident serves as a wake-up call for the Apex Legends competitive community and the broader esports world. As Pro League Preseason Qualifiers approach for ALGS, cheating allegations can tarnish the reputation of players and the competitive integrity of the game itself. It’s imperative for players, organizers, and developers to work collaboratively to combat cheating and maintain the integrity of their beloved game. Only through vigilance and a strong commitment to fair play can the competitive Apex Legends community continue to thrive.

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