The Future for Team Orgs in Apex ALGS Year 4

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In the wake of the conclusion of the third year of the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS), the professional Apex Legends scene has been shaken by the departure of several high-profile organizations. The absence of financial support from Electronic Arts (EA) has taken a toll, prompting NRG initially, and now Kansas City Pioneers (KCP), and Team Singularity (SNG) to announce their exit from the ALGS stage.

Fans of Apex Legends were left disheartened as NRG, a heavyweight in the esports world, bid farewell to the ALGS. The news was further compounded by today’s announcements from KCP and SNG, adding to the growing list of organizations seeking greener pastures elsewhere. This mass exodus has sent shockwaves through the community, and many are hopeful that it will finally push EA to provide the necessary support that the professional Apex Legends scene deserves.

Pro player for KCP “Gnaske” had even voiced frustrations that he was not informed until the day before his contract expiration that they were planning to leave the Apex Scene. He also explained the specific reason KCP was leaving.

However, despite the optimism surrounding the possibility of EA stepping up, the practicality of such a scenario remains uncertain. The competitive Apex Legends landscape is brimming with talented teams and organizations, and not all of them may benefit from any potential support from EA if it ever comes to fruition.

Though these recent departures are undeniably disheartening for fans, the spirit of resilience within the Apex Legends community remains unbroken. Enthusiasts continue to hold onto hope for a brighter future for Apex esports. As the scene evolves, fans are encouraged to stay tuned for updates and to keep supporting their favorite teams and players. The story of Apex Legends esports is far from over, and its future remains promising despite the challenges it currently faces.


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