Pro Apex Player Roieee Leaves ALGS Team Dreamfire

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Roieee, a stalwart player within the APAC South roster of Dreamfire in the ALGS, has announced his departure from the organization. Taking to Twitter earlier this week, Roieee revealed his decision to part ways with Dreamfire.

Roieee, who has been a cornerstone of Dreamfire for a considerable period, didn’t delve into the absolute reasons behind his departure. However, he hinted at the formation of a new team, with possibly his former teammates, Pite and 3Mx. This news arrives on the heels of Dreamfire’s disappointing performance in the pro league Split 1 and the APAC South regional finals, where they failed to secure a spot in the upcoming LAN event in Los Angeles, finishing in 11th overall in the region.

Despite the uncertain future that lies ahead for both Roieee and Dreamfire, the player took a moment to express his gratitude to the fans and supporters who have stood by him throughout his journey in the esports realm. The Dreamfire fanbase, known for its unwavering positivity and fervent support, has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the competitive Apex Legends scene.

As Roieee bids farewell to Dreamfire, the community eagerly anticipates what lies ahead for both him and his former team. With Roieee’s promise of “subsequent detailed information” to be unveiled gradually, speculation brews regarding the next steps.

As the scene continues to evolve and adapt, fans are left eagerly awaiting the next chapter in Roieee’s journey and the future trajectory of Dreamfire. Stay tuned for more updates.


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