Most Likely Apex Rosters To Sign To SSG for ALGS Year 4

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SSG Teaser

Excitement is brewing in the Apex Legends competitive scene as rumors swirl around the return of Spacestation Gaming (SSG). After an absence attributed to the “lack of funding for the esports scene,” SSG seems poised to re-enter the fray, much to the delight of fans eagerly awaiting their comeback. A recent teaser posted by SSG, featuring an Apex Legends voiceline, has only fueled speculation further, leaving fans with one burning question: What roster will they be signing?

What Roster?

Delving into this inquiry reveals intriguing possibilities, with two standout rosters at the forefront of anticipation. In the highly competitive North American region, attention is squarely on two teams: PLP (Peace Love Positivity) and Legacy.


PLP boasts the former FaZe roster, comprising Phony, Frexs, and Xynew. With Xynew’s LAN championship under DarkZero’s banner, and Frexs & Phony’s impressive 6th-place finish at the World Championship with FaZe, this trio is no stranger to success. Their consistency in scrims and recent victory in a Pro League Group Match make them a prime target for SSG’s consideration.


Legacy, previously representing Luminosity Gaming (LG Chivas), features Yanya, Jaguares, and Neazul. Renowned as one of the best Edge teams in the game, Legacy’s consistent performance in scrims and their 5th-place finish at the World Championship last year make them another compelling option for SSG.


Despite the spotlight on PLP and Legacy, FLAT, a free agent roster, also garners attention. While not achieving the same level of success as the aforementioned teams, FLAT possesses significant potential and may offer SSG a solid option without excessive financial strain. However, recently we discovered through official sources that suggest that FLAT has not inked a deal with SSG, disappointing some hopeful fans. (FLAT Earthers + Spacestation… We really missed a comedy signing)

Other Regions

While the focus remains on North America, there’s speculation that SSG may explore opportunities in other regions like APAC South or EMEA. Teams such as Team Burger and Boogie Boarders in APAC South, and o7 in EMEA, are attracting attention and could be potential targets for SSG.

As the anticipation mounts, it appears likely that either PLP or Legacy will be donning the SSG banner for ALGS Year 4. With the stage set for their return, fans eagerly await the official announcement, eager to see which roster will lead Spacestation Gaming back into the apex of Apex Legends competition.


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