Apex Team The DOJO Expected to Join DSG For ALGS Year 4

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As the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) gears up for its fourth year, fans are buzzing with anticipation over the fate of The Dojo Apex Roster, comprised of iiTzTimmy, Dezign, Enemy, and Coach Bronzey. After an impressive 4th-place finish at the world championship, it was only a matter of time before organizations took notice of this talented squad.

Initial speculation had many eyes on 100Thieves as a potential destination for The Dojo, given their stature in the esports world and pre-existing connections with the organization. However, fans were met with disappointment as 100Thieves officially confirmed their absence from the Apex esports scene this year. This left The Dojo in search of a new home, and recent developments have sparked rumors of a potential partnership with DSG, also known as “Disguised.”

ALGS Partnership

The Apex Legends community was taken by surprise when the official announcement of a 12-team partnership was made by the game’s organizers. Among the unexpected inclusions was DSG, leading fans to connect the dots and speculate that The Dojo might have found a new home with this organization.

Fueling the speculation were social media posts, with Twitter user @OnlyToasts pointing to a past statement from iiTzTimmy suggesting that The Dojo was one of the 12 teams invited as a partner. The online community, including @bunndumm on Twitter, has echoed this sentiment, further building the case for a potential union between The Dojo and DSG.

The Apex Legends Comp subreddit has also become a hotbed for speculation, with many users sharing the belief that DSG is the most likely destination for The Dojo. With most rosters from the 12 partner teams already revealed, only two organizations remain unaccounted for: FaZe and DSG.


However, it’s crucial to approach these rumors with caution, as nothing has been officially confirmed by either The Dojo or DSG at the time of writing. While the pieces seem to fit together, surprises in the esports world are not uncommon. Fans are advised to stay tuned for any official announcements from the involved parties.

The esports community, especially Apex Legends enthusiasts, eagerly awaits confirmation or denial of the speculated partnership between The Dojo and DSG. Until then, the excitement and anticipation continue to grow as the ALGS Year 4 draws near.

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