Apex Team 100Thieves To Not Be in ALGS 2024

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ALGS 2024

In a surprising move, renowned esports organization 100 Thieves seems to have decided not to rejoin the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) for the 2024 season. This decision comes on the heels of the organization parting ways with their previous roster after a disappointing last-place finish at the World Championship.


Many fans had hoped that 100 Thieves would rebound by picking up a new roster for the upcoming season. One team that seemed like a natural fit was THE DOJO, especially considering that some of their members were already content creators for 100 Thieves. Additionally, THE DOJO had an impressive fourth-place finish at the World Championship, making them a prominent candidate for recruitment.


However, disappointment looms as the Senior Vice President (SVP) of 100 Thieves Jacob “Maelk” Anderson announced today that the organization had concerns participating in the ALGS due to the current structure of the league. The SVP stated, “We did not want to continue with the ALGS in the way that it was structured.” Despite having an undisclosed team ready to be unveiled for the 2024 season, the organization ultimately decided against moving forward, citing “it felt wrong moving forward.”

“Break Even”

One of the primary concerns expressed by 100 Thieves revolves around the financial aspect, with the SVP revealing that the organization was struggling to break even on their investments in the ALGS. This financial consideration appears to have played a significant role in the decision to withdraw from the league, signaling a potential shift in how esports organizations evaluate their involvement in competitive gaming.

The Future

The absence of 100 Thieves from the Apex Legends scene is undoubtedly a blow to the community, given the organization’s immense popularity and influence in the esports world. Fans are left to wonder about the future of 100 Thieves in the competitive Apex Legends landscape and what implications this decision may have for other organizations navigating the delicate balance between competition and financial sustainability.

As the esports community grapples with this unexpected turn of events, Apex Legends enthusiasts are left eagerly anticipating more updates on 100 Thieves’ future plans and the unfolding dynamics within the ALGS for the upcoming season. There are rumors that ALGS may look to partner with some organizations to “do more”, but it is unclear what that all entails. Stay tuned for further developments as the esports landscape continues to evolve.

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