Apex Pro Vaxlon Parts Ways with ALGS Team Already There

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Vaxlon LFT

In a surprising turn of events within the Apex Legends esports scene, Vaxlon has announced he is parting ways with Already There ahead of the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) Year 4. ImMadness hinted on twitter earlier that he and Keon will be joining an organization with a signed contract gif that has since been deleted. This has sense left fans speculating about the third member of the squad.


One of the top contenders for this position is the seasoned player Snip3down, who has recently declared his departure from his former team at FaZe (Phony & Frexs). Despite announcing that he would not be joining Phony and Frexs this year, many fans believe that Snip3down could potentially be the new member to join in place of Vaxlon. The chemistry and experience he brings to the table could significantly boost the team’s chances in ALGS Year 4.


Another player in the spotlight is StayNaughty, who previously teamed up with Snip3down in the PSQ 3. Although the duo did not achieve the desired results, both players received offers from Pro League teams according to Pro Player “BulletL”. The community is buzzing with speculation, and many believe that StayNaughty could be a strong candidate for the vacant spot on Already There. Many believe however that Naughty will look to play with GKS (ChaoticMuch’s Team).

MnK & HisWattson

However, as Vaxlon is exiting this team, it’s important to note the input type these players use. Vax is known for his incredible ability on mouse and keyboard whilst the two candidates play on controller. Some may argue that keeping an mouse and keyboard player as the 3rd would be most beneficial for the team’s dynamic and pacing.

The most intriguing and perhaps improbable option that fans are entertaining is the return of HisWattson to Apex Legends esports. HisWattson, a popular streamer, teased fans on Twitter with a Stone Cold Steve Austin meme, hinting at a potential comeback. While this is likely a playful bait, the possibility of HisWattson rejoining the competitive scene has sparked excitement among fans. This tweet has since been deleted.

The recent news of FURIA dropping its ALGS roster has fueled speculation about a new lineup, and fans are clinging to the hope that HisWattson could be part of this unexpected narrative.

The Future

The departure of Vaxlon from Already There has undoubtedly shaken up the Apex Legends esports community. Not many fans expected this and we know his talents and recent performances will take him to a great squad and future. As fans eagerly await the official announcement of the third member, the possibilities remain wide open. Whether it’s Snip3down, StayNaughty, a surprise return from HisWattson, or someone we aren’t thinking of the anticipation for ALGS Year 4 is reaching new heights. Stay tuned for further updates as the Apex Legends esports landscape continues to evolve.

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