Apex Pro Sikezz Leaves XSET for ALGS Year 4

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Not Dropped

In a huge update of events, Apex Legends professional player Sikezz has recently taken to social media to clarify the speculation surrounding his departure from XSET. Contrary to popular belief, the seasoned gamer did not find himself dropped from the renowned esports organization but rather made the decision to part ways on his own terms.

The confusion began when Sikezz posted a message on Twitter last night, stating that he was not released by XSET and was not actively looking for a team for ALGS Year 4. This revelation left many fans scratching their heads, especially after the pro player was spotted in the company of DarkZero, sparking rumors of a potential team switch.

Leaving XSET

Sikezz’s former teammate, Nocturnal, stepped in to provide clarity on the situation. In a corrective statement, Nocturnal asserted that Sikezz had voluntarily left XSET and had already secured a position with a new team. This revelation seemed to stir the pot in some eyes as prominent names would comment on the matter.

Sikezz Clarifies

However, Sikezz wasn’t one to let the speculation linger. He addressed the situation on Twitter, offering an explanation of the events departure and shedding light on his plans for the future. Many in the gaming community rallied behind him, expressing the sentiment that Sikezz owed no one an explanation, and that his decision to prioritize his own career was commendable.


The burning question on everyone’s mind remains: Is DarkZero the official destination for Sikezz in ALGS Year 4, or does he have another team up his sleeve? As the dust settles on the recent revelations, fans eagerly await further announcements from the seasoned player regarding his next move.

Regardless of the team Sikezz aligns himself with, one thing is certain – the ALGS Year 4 is in for a treat with the seasoned professional bringing his skills and expertise to a new roster. As the esports community buzzes with anticipation, all eyes are on Sikezz as he embarks on this exciting new chapter in his competitive gaming journey.

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