G2, Liquid, & More Set to Return to Apex and ALGS

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Over the past month in the world of competitive Apex, prominent names such as SSG, NAVI, and Cloud9 have stepped back into the spotlight by signing rosters, signaling a renewed interest in the ALGS. This resurgence not only injects vitality into the league but also sustains fan engagement while providing crucial support for players. The return of organizations like SSG, NAVI, and Cloud9 underscores the growing appeal and competitive potential of Apex Legends esports.

However, the recent buzz doesn’t end there. According to sources, more organizations with prior involvement in ALGS are contemplating a comeback. Among them, “G2 and Team Liquid are for sure, we actually spoke to them while we were already negotiating contracts with our team.” (via sources). Moreover, whispers suggest that other notable organizations, including 100T and NRG, are also considering a return to Apex Legends esports. While clarity on their intentions is still elusive, the mere possibility of their comeback adds to the intrigue surrounding the scene.

G2, last seen in ALGS in 2022, boasted a formidable roster featuring Resultuh, Gent, and Dezignful. Towards the end of their tenure, they bolstered their lineup by recruiting Chaotic, transforming into a triple-controller team. G2’s previous achievements, including a commendable 4th place finish in Split 1 and 2 of the North American pro league in 2022, solidify their reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the Apex Legends competitive scene.

Team Liquid, another storied organization in the ALGS, left an indelible mark on the league with past talents like Nocturnal and Fun, who are now part of the XSET roster. Their journey dates back to the inception of ALGS, with players such as Flanker and of course, Gild who contributed to their commendable 2nd place finish in the Split 2 playoffs of 2022. Towards the twilight of their tenure, Team Liquid made a strategic move by signing rising controller player Sikezz before exiting the league.

Our sources tell us that discussions are underway, with G2 and Team Liquid exploring the possibility of re-entering the ALGS. While details remain scarce, the prospect of their return injects fresh energy into the esports landscape. Here is a list of potential teams that are currently unsigned.

Potential Rosters

  • Legacy (North America)
  • o7 (EMEA)
  • Team Burger (APAC South)

Legacy currently has the spotlight as potentially the number-one unsigned team in the league. Their coach “Pistillo” and star player “Yanya” may have just given fans some insight in their recent tweets.

As the anticipation builds, focus shifts to the unsigned teams currently making waves in ALGS. These rising stars could potentially become the focal point of the league as they look to make their mark in the competitive landscape of the ALGS.

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