Apex YouTuber & Former ALGS Team Manager Thordan Smash Charged With 2nd-degree Assault after On Stream Arrest

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Breaking News

In breaking news Apex Legends YouTuber and former Oxygen eSports manager, Thordan Smash, found himself in the midst of controversy as news broke that he was arrested live on stream just days ago. The details surrounding the arrest remain shrouded in mystery, with only sources close to the situation privy to the information.

Thordan’s Social Media

Thordan Smash, known for his dedicated daily uploads and deep engagement with the Apex Legends community, left fans bewildered as he suddenly went silent on his channel for three consecutive days. This abrupt hiatus triggered concern among his loyal followers, who were accustomed to his consistent content delivery over the years.

Live Stream

Digging into Thordan’s social media accounts, fans stumbled upon a recent live stream that raised eyebrows. During the stream, a police officer appeared on camera, concluding the broadcast shortly after Thordan Smash left the frame. The sudden appearance of law enforcement left viewers worried and hungry for answers.

The circumstances surrounding Thordan’s arrest remain uncertain to the public, with only sources close to the situation knowing the truth. As always, speculation is running rampant among the gaming community. Fans have been left to piece together the puzzle, and the lack of official statements from Thordan or law enforcement has only fueled the mystery.

The Future (AND UPDATE)

The unexpected turn of events has not only left Thordan Smash’s fans in shock but has also sparked discussions across various gaming communities. As the news continues to circulate, the Apex Legends community is left with more questions than answers. Thordan Smash’s sudden disappearance from the gaming scene, coupled with the live-streamed arrest, has created a wave of speculation and intrigue that has yet to subside. Only time will reveal the truth behind this unexpected and dramatic episode in the world of Apex Legends content creation.

A friend of Thordan known in the community as “Biast12” would later post in his discord an explanation for what seems to be going on.

A preliminary hearing is been set for January 23 at the Arapahoe County Justice Center in Colorado. The Apex YouTuber is looking at a a class 4 felony which carries mandatory sentencing of five to 16 years in prison as a violent crime. He also is facing a class 2 misdemeanor charge of Criminal Mischief ($300-$1000) – the aggregate damage to real or personal property.

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